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110" Wide Pintuck Diamond Taffeta Fabrics

Our 110" WIDE TAFFETA PINTUCK DIAMOND Fabric is a crisp, smooth plain woven fabric made from silk or synthetic fibers. Designed with diamond pattern folded and tucked. We have 3 different sizes of diamond pintuck to choose from. Taffeta is one of the oldest fabric and finest in quality and texture. The word is Persian in origin, and means "twisted woven." It is considered to be a "high end" fabric, suitable for use in ball gowns, wedding dresses, and in interiors for curtains or wall covering. Taffeta looks same from both sides with similar number of yarns in both directions.
Taffeta Pintuck Diamond Fabrics
110" Wide / 1 x 1 Diamond Pintuck in 23 Color Variance
Taffeta Pintuck Diamond Fabrics
110" Wide / 2 x 2 Diamond Pintuck in 22 Color Variance
 4" x 4" Taffeta Pintuck Diamond 110" Wide Fabrics
110" Wide / 4 x 4 Diamond Pintuck in 27 Color Variance
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