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Minky/Cuddle Fabrics

Minky fabric is a plush, microfiber fabric. It is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. Minky fabric comes in all sorts of styles, colors and patterns. On there are nearly 400 varieties, from prints and patterns of licensed characters to simply raised, dotted styles. Minky fabric is used to construct blankets, typically for small children down to infant age. The texture provides comfort and a smooth surface to cuddle against or lie on.
Minky Solid Fabrics
In 17 fun colors
Minky Cuddle Grooved
Quality Minky Fabrics IN 19 COLORS
Mountain Goat Minky Fabrics
Quality Mountain Goat Minky Fabrics in 8 Colors
Mini Minky Shaggy Fabrics
Quality Minky Shaggy Fabrics In 12 Colors
Minky Bubble Fabrics
Quality Minky Fabrics IN 5 COLORS
Minky Dimple Dot Fur
Quality Minky Fabrics In 22 Colors
ULTRA Minky Cuddle Dimple Dot Fabrics
Available In 27 Exciting Colors
Minky Rosebud Fabrics
In 21 Beautiful Colors
ULTRA Rosebud Cuddle Fabrics
In 29 Colored Rosebud designs!
Minky Double Sided Chevron
Double Sided Chevron
Minky Chevron Fabrics
Available in 4 Groovy Designs
Minky Minnie Polkadots Fabric
In 16 Enjoyable Colors
Sherpa Minky
In 9 Colors!
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