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Guipure Fabrics

Guipure is a semi stretch mesh with embroidered, leaves or flowers also some with sequin. It is a needlepoint lace made with a heavy buttonhole stitch and with the pattern on a coarse mesh. Use this material create fancy dresses and elagant gowns.
Guipure 3D Rosette Fabrics
Available In 7 Magnificent colors
Guipure Floral Cords Fabric
Available In 11 Beautiful Colors
Guipure Floral Lurex Fabrics
Available In 5 Gorgeous colors
Guipure Lace Floral Bupleurum Fabric
Available In 11 Beautiful Colors!
Guipure Lace Floral Narcissus Fabrics
In 7 Beautiful colors of Lace Floral!
Guipure Lace Floral Paisley Fabrics
In 6 Colors of Lace Paisley Design!
Guipure Lace Hackleberry Leaves Fabrics
In 9 Colors of Lace Leaves Design!
Guipure Lace Sequin Floral Fabrics
Available In 9 Exciting Colors
Guipure Rose Sequin Fabrics
Available In 10 Magnificent colors
Guipure Spider Mesh Sequin Lasso Fabrics
Spider Mesh Sequin Lasso Fabric
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