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Guipure Fabrics

Guipure is a semi stretch mesh with embroidered, leaves or flowers also some with sequin. It is a needlepoint lace made with a heavy buttonhole stitch and with the pattern on a coarse mesh. Use this material create fancy dresses and elagant gowns.
Guipure 3D Rosette Fabrics
Available In 7 Magnificent colors
Guipure Floral Lurex Fabrics
Available In 5 Gorgeous colors
Guipure Lace Hackleberry Leaves Fabrics
In 9 Colors of Lace Leaves Design!
Guipure Lace FAbric
Heavy Guipure Lace With Sequin
Guipure Rose Sequin Fabrics
Available In 10 Magnificent colors
Guipure Spider Mesh Sequin Lasso Fabrics
Spider Mesh Sequin Lasso Fabric
Sequin Lace Celebrity Fabrics
8 Alluring Colors Available
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